Web Design


We can design a website for your business that with aesthetics, form, and function—while conveying the image you want to project, or we can freshen up your existing website if it needs to be brought up to date.  We will work with you and your company to arrive at a design that matches your corporate image.

Once the site is launched, we can provide you with the tools and training to manage your site.  It’s a straightforward approach: You provide the specifications, and we transform your vision into a reality. As a small operation, we have the advantage of being able to work quickly and affordably while in direct contact with you at every step of the process.

Form & Function

We will work with you to arrive at the right look and feel of your site, including colors, artwork, layout, and theme.  We will also develop a sitemap to make your site search engine friendly, so it will be indexed by major search engines.  We take painstaking measures to ensure that your site is organized logically to optimize the user experience, which translates into longer site visits and increased potential to capture leads or to make sales.

Content Management

We can incorporate various technologies into your site, such as content management systems (CMS), blogs, surveys, contact forms, e-commerce shopping carts, surveys, and newsletter sign up forms. I can also provide website hosting, services with cpanel access, so you can easily manage your site.